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47 wrongly-distributed ballots remade in Scott County, Audtior's Offiice said

47 voters in Scott County were mistakenly given the wrong ballots on the morning of the election, but the Auditor's Office was able to quickly remedy the mistake.
Credit: WQAD
Ballots are counted at the Scott County Auditor's Office on Thursday as part of the county's post-election audit of one precinct in the county, which was selected by the Iowa Secretary of State's office.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Almost 50 ballots cast at Duck Creek Lodge in Davenport were distributed incorrectly and later remade, according to Scott County Auditor Kerri Tompkins.

It was reported that candidates were missing from 47 ballots given at the Duck Creek Lodge polling place Tuesday morning, and the issue was brought to the Auditor's Office as the voting machine began rejecting the ballots.

Poll workers initially assumed that the machine was causing the issue, but Auditor's Office staff discovered the issue was with the incorrect ballots.

With guidance from the Iowa Secretary of State's Office, Scott County underwent the standard procedure of having poll workers re-make the affected ballots with observers from both parties.

According to Tompkins, two races were affected by the incorrect ballots; one was an unopposed candidate, and the other was a race won by a margin of over 3,500 votes.

She added that the error was due to workers mistakenly not checking the ballot style number.

"However, I am grateful the process worked as the machines did not accept those ballots," Tompkins said. "The situation was discovered and resolved quickly with state guidance. In addition, our training procedures will be reviewed for the future."

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