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Rita Hart: Why she's challenging the results of her election vs. Mariannettee Miller-Meeks

The congressional candidate did an interview with News 8 Thursday, January 28th.
Credit: Rita Hart Campaign
Rita Hart

Democrat Rita Hart is challenging the results of her race in Iowa's second Congressional District.

Her campaign claims 22 legally cast ballots were not counted in the race against Republican Dr. Mariannettee Miller-Meeks. The final outcome was decided by just six votes. 

Hart's attorney says those 22 votes should count if the U.S. House of Representatives considers their challenge.

"If that's the case, then I'm very confident that after those 22 votes that Rita Hart will be sworn in as the next Congresswoman in Iowa Two," Hart attorney Marc Elias said Monday, January 25th.

Also Monday, Alan Ostergren, attorney for Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks, issued the following statement in response to the comments made by Elias. 

“No amount of partisan spin can change the fact that the precedents of the House of Representatives require a contestant to first present her claims under state law," he said. "The Iowans in the Second Congressional District should not be denied their elected representative because Rita Hart cannot accept the fact that she lost.”

Hart says she knows the ballots have not been counted because they weren't considered in the first recount that's already been done.

"We know that people like Trajae from Johnson County who voted for the first time and was excited to do so was disappointed that his vote didn't count because the glue on his envelope did not stay stuck," Hart said Thursday morning, January 28th.

Hart also claims two people living with disabilities showed up at a curbside polling place, put their ballots in the hands of poll workers, but they were not counted. 

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