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Pay it Forward recognizes woman in charge of new meals on wheels program

DAVENPORT, Iowa– Sometimes meals can be hard to come by. “We’ve all gone through some sort of struggle in our life you never know when it̵...

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Sometimes meals can be hard to come by.

"We've all gone through some sort of struggle in our life you never know when it's going to be you," said Yolanda Jefferson. Yolanda is the sole owner of BlckPearl Catering.

Recently she also officially started running a little side hustle serving meals on wheels in the Quad Cities.

"She just feeds people, she don't care what budget you have she's just gonna work with you and do all she can to make your event or whatever you are doing and make you happy but her biggest thing is just service in the community," said Dwayne Hodges.

A certified chef looking beyond the price tag.

"I go every Wednesday down to the Humility of Mary shelter and I serve down there I serve anywhere from a 100 to 150-200 people," said Yolanda.

"Sometimes it's all about the money, with her it's not all about that with her it's about service and just being able to do great things for people," said Hodges.

Being a pastor, Dwayne Hodges has worked hand in hand with Yolanda on many projects benefitting the Davenport community but he wanted to help out in a different way by nominating Yolanda for the Pay It Forward sponsored by Ascentra Credit Union.

"At Ascentra credit union we believe in listening, caring and doing what's right and Yolanda's commitment to the community proves that she shares those exact same values as us," said Travis Kershaw, with Ascentra Credit Union. "and that's why we're excited to give you $300 so that you can Pay It Forward to her."

Shocked by Dwayne's kindness, Yolanda is staying humble.

"It means that my work has to continue you know it's not about the nominations, it's not about the gift that was given, it means that I have to continue the work because people are watching to see that work needs to be done," said Yolanda. The hard work doesn't end around on the holidays.

"It's a need and it has to happen somebody has to do it," said Yolanda.

Finding time to fill bellies and hearts all year round.

If you know of someone doing good things in your community, someone who shows the core values of Ascentra Credit Union, which are Listening, Caring and Doing What's Right, why not Pay it Forward?

Nominate them here.