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New tool in the Quad Cities makes your home safer and supports local first responders

A service sorority in Walcott is selling them for $30 each. Ten dollars of that goes back to the Walcott Police and Fire Department.

WALCOTT, Iowa-- A service sorority in Walcott is hosting a fundraiser right now, selling lighted house numbers to benefit the Walcott Fire and Police Departments.

The house numbers are solar-powered and turn on automatically at night, illuminating house numbers. This makes it easier and quicker for firefighters or police officers to find a house to respond to an emergency.

"It's a time saver device for them, and if two minutes can save a life, it's worth it," says Elaine Arp, a member of Lambda Phi Sorority.

The sorority is selling these lighted house numbers for $30 each. Ten dollars of that goes back to the Walcott Police and Fire Departments.

"And we're thinking as more of these get out and people see them and see how good that they are, we'll get more orders and everything," Arp says.

So far, they've sold 90 lights, with $10 from each going to Walcott Police and Fire.

You can order a light by sending a check for $30, your name and phone number to P.O. Box 505 Walcott, IA 52773. Lambda Phi will fulfill your order and set-up the delivery of the light. Arp says the sorority will accept orders as long as there are enough for a shipment. There is an option to ship it for an additional $8.

If you have any questions, call Elaine Arp at (563)284-5090.