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New survey reveals how coronavirus might affect Easter

A new study by WalletHub reveals how coronavirus may affect Easter plans, and how people are responding.
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A new study by WalletHub reveals how coronavirus may affect Easter plans, and how people are responding.

Some of the main points include:

  • Worshippers don’t want to stay home: 56% of Americans who went to church on Easter Sunday last year say they will go to church for Easter this year if it is open.
  • Republicans are more likely to attend services: Republicans are almost three times more likely than Democrats to attend church on Easter this year if it is open.
  • Pandemics make us appreciate family and health more: The coronavirus has made Americans most grateful for their family (40%), followed by health (30%) and then freedom (13%).
  • Traditional Easter spending is down: Almost half of Easter-celebrating Americans are skipping out on candy, new outfits, and Easter foods this year, in contrast with prior years.
  • COVID-19 itself is scarier than financial troubles: 68% of Americans are more worried about the coronavirus than the U.S. economy.
  • Many Americans think lockdowns should last: About half of Americans believe that non-essential businesses, restaurants, and travel should not restart for at least 3 months.

"WalletHub’s survey aimed to find out how Americans’ Easter plans have changed from last year, as well as to gauge people’s attitudes on the crisis in the context of the Easter season and religion."

Credit: WalletHub

Take our short survey!

How did they do it?  

"This report reflects the results of a nationally representative online survey of over 400 respondents. After we collected all responses, we normalized the data by age, gender and income so the sample would reflect U.S. demographics."

These are the results of the survey:

If churches were open this Easter, would you go?

Yes    56%

No    44%

How did you celebrate Easter LAST year? (check all that apply)

Friends and family get together    59%

Church    27%

Stay at home    25%

Meal at a restaurant    12%

I don't celebrate Easter    11%

How will you celebrate Easter THIS year? (check all that apply)

Stay at home    70%

Friends and family get together    22%

Church    11%

I don't celebrate Easter    10%

Meal at a restaurant    6%

Will the coronavirus affect your Easter spending this year?

Yes    68%

No    32%

What aren't you buying this year for Easter that you typically do? (check all that apply)

Easter food    46%

New outfit    46%

Candy    42%

Easter basket    38%

Family portraits    29%

What are you more worried about right now?

Coronavirus    69%

U.S. economy    30%

Easter plans    2%

When should non-essential businesses, restaurants and travel resume as normal in the U.S.?

In three months    50%

In one month    31%

By Easter (April 12)    14%

Now    5%

What has the coronavirus made you more thankful for, if anything?

My family    40%

My health    29%

My freedom    14%

My job    12%

Nothing    6%

How are you planning on making this Easter more normal? (check all that apply)

Phone calls    39%

Nothing    31%

Video conferencing    27%

Church on TV    24%

Indoor Easter egg hunt    20%

Do you think the coronavirus has religious significance?

No    82%

Yes    18%

How much will you donate to your church this Easter?

Normal amount    66%

Less than usual    27%

More than usual    7%

If you get a $1,000 coronavirus relief check from the federal government, will you donate any of it to a religious organization?

No    73%

Yes    27%

Should churches, synagogues and mosques be considered "essential businesses" and allowed to remain open during the coronavirus pandemic?

No    77%

Yes    23%

Are churches and other religious organizations doing enough to help with coronavirus relief?

Yes    58%

No    42%