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New master plan for downtown Davenport

The new master plan aims to make downtown more vibrant, inclusive and walkable.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — "We had an incredible 20-year run of momentum of success and growth and we've hit a speed bump," says Kyle Carter, from the Quad Cities Chamber. 

In the works for nearly 10-months, downtown Davenport's master plan is finally here. "We want to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem down here," says Carter.

"Its everyone's downtown, it belongs to this community."

Carter says its been a trifecta of issues, "We're still in the middle of COVID. Businesses are suffering." First there was the flooding, then the pandemic, resulting in a struggling economy. "There's quality of life issues here and we're looking to put human beings first," he says.

Carter says over the past 10 years, downtown residential living has boomed. "What we're looking at down here is a building an actual environment that fosters residential growth." He says the focus now is to create more affordable, diverse housing options, "We need more row housing and things with garages."

Developer, Pete Stopulos, says the master plan encompasses everything his new apartment complex is gearing towards, "The Master plan validates what we have been doing downtown and validates this project."

Located on the corner of River Drive and Ripley Street, in Davenport he says, "This location allows us to have incredible river views, and across from the park"

"The more we invest in this downtown, the more we invest in its people. The better everybody is," said Carter.

From installing new lighting, to improving infrastructure, the aim is to make our downtown a more welcoming place for residents and visitors.

Davenport City Council will vote on the plan by the end of the year. The Quad Cities Chamber says they plan to start work right away if approved by city council.