Muscatine couple sees increase in business after legal recreational marijuana

Oxy Glass owners say they hope to expand their business to the Galesburg Nature’s Treatment.

MUSCATINE, IOWA  --  Hundreds of people made their first legal marijuana purchase at Nature's Treatment in Milan, Illinois on the first day of 2020.

One Muscatine couple says they have seen an increase in business in anticipation of Illinois' legalization of recreational marijuana.

"I've always been a hands-on kind of person," Oxy Glass co-owner Tim DePauw said. "It was one of those things, I knew I wanted to work with my hands my whole life."

DePauw created Oxy Glass eight years ago after learning how to be a glass-blower in class at Moline High School. He began selling his glass pieces to local shops in the Quad Cities.

"We are not just making art that sits on a shelf, we are making art that people make memories with and they are excited to use," Oxy Glass co-owner Torie DePauw said. "Pipes, to water pipes, to concentrate straws, pendants, memorial pendants, a little bit of everything. Anything for flower or concentrate of cannabis."

Their passion for pipes comes at profitable time.

"With them legalizing recreational, I knew it was going to be a bump in business," Tim said.

Oxy Glass owners say they have been selling their pieces at Nature's Treatment in Milan for the past two years since medical marijuana was legalized in Illinois. They say they hope to expand their business to the Galesburg Nature's Treatment.

"Our local shops have been ordering a lot to gear up for it," Torie said. "Our customers maybe might have been shy about having a pipe before because it was paraphernalia. Now, I've heard they are more happy to have a couple, because they feel comfortable having them."

DePauw says their pieces are made from American Glass and made extra thick to help prevent them from breaking.

"People don't realize how long it takes to actually make one of these pieces," Tim said. "Basically, it's my whole life.”

Currently, you can buy Oxy Glass pieces at Nature's Treatment in Milan, Lollypalooza in Moline and at Cloud Nine in Davenport.