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"Move over for my dad" Illinois State Police reminds drivers to move over for flashing lights

Illinois State Police shares photo of Illinois State Police officer and his family as reminder to move over on the roads.
Credit: Illinois State Police / Facebook
Illinois State Police / Facebook

ILLINOIS, USA — Illinois State Police are reminding drivers to move over on the roads in a new social media post to their facebook page.

In Illinois the "Move over" law is also known as Scott's Law that says, "upon approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle, when the authorized emergency vehicle is giving a signal by displaying alternately flashing red, red and white, blue, or red and blue lights or amber or yellow warning lights, a person who drives an approaching vehicle shall: Move over, Slow down for stopped emergency or maintenance vehicles" according to the Illinois State Police.

The Move Over Law applies to all vehicles that display flashing emergency lights, which includes commercial trucks and cars.

Scott's Law was named after Lieutenant Scott Gillen of the Chicago Fire Department who was struck and killed by an intoxicated driver while assisting at a crash on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

You can learn more about Scott's Law here.