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Monmouth College theatre students say the show must go on

Students say they've changed their own lives to make this performance happen.

MONMOUTH, Ill. — The show must go on. Drew Cliffel, student actor says, "Backstage everyone uses hand sanitizer."

"We have these new special masks so people can read our lips."

Monmouth College theatre students are breaking a leg. Drew says, "Working in theatre during a pandemic... all the challenges between blocking and levels, and the different things you would do in a production."

The performance is called 'Dead Man's Cell Phone', the theme focuses on isolation and intimacy, mystery and knowledge and life and death. 

"The difference between isolation and intimacy through all the characters in the show," says Drew.

Unlike many other colleges who've cancelled performances because of the pandemic, the show isn't over yet for these theatre students.

Gabriela Madu says she came in close contact with someone who tested positive to COVID-19, forcing her quarantine. November 11th being her first day out of isolation. "I ended up having to go on to zoom rehearsals for the play." She says it wasn't easy, "Technology wise, internet is sometimes unreliable or unstable."

Under the direction of theatre Professor Vanessa Campagna, students had to sign waivers, ensuring they stay in their bubbles. Drew says, "All of us only hang out with each other and no one outside that bubble." Four people to a bubble, the only four people they can socialize with. 

Student director, Allie Bryan, says, "We've been having to section off chairs, 25 people to the building."

"We're trying our best to accommodate for ourselves, our actors and our professors."

There will be a live performance on November 20th and 22nd and a virtual performance on November 21st.

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