Moline wants your thoughts on what art to bring downtown

This week, the city has hired consultants from Ohio based Designing Local to start the conversation.

MOLINE, Illinois-- The City of Moline is developing a Master Art Plan for the downtown and riverfront area. City and community leaders at looking at different art forms to add to the area, from sculptures to murals to performance art.

"[We want to] engage the community in really participating and deciding what that future looks like," says Alexandra Elias, the CEO and president of Renew Moline. "What is public art in Moline? There are many ways you can do public art."

This week, the city has hired consultants from Ohio-based 'Designing Local' to start those conversations. They'll be at the Public Art Steering Committee Tuesday, Jan. 21.

There will also be other chances to give input this week. A survey and interactive map to give feedback is currently online.

People working on this project say art can add to the city culturally and socially.

"I think there are also pretty special areas in downtown that we can also capitalize on to use art to attract more people and make everyone feel like they belong in that space," Elias says. "That's really the point of the plan."

The consultants will be back in town in April to move forward with what art to bring in and how it will be paid for, whether publicly, privately or through grants.