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West Des Moines Water Works pushing forward with future plans for water supply

Des Moines water supply is looking for community response on the newest upgrades to the water supply plans.

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — It's been a long time coming, but the West Des Moines Water Works Board of Trustees are getting closer to their decision of what will happen with our future water supply. 

Next Monday, they'll hold a special public meeting at the A.C. Ward Municipal Treatment Plant at 4 p.m. to go over the options for the future of water supply. 

General Manager Christina Murphy acknowledged that this has been a long road for WDMWW.

"The board has been studying a number of options for our future water supply. And this is looking at we're very future planning, we're looking out 10 years ahead of time, what we need to do because it can take that long to get our infrastructure into place," Murphy said. "And so they've been looking at several options, including full regionalization of the metro, which has certainly been discussed over the last several years and even decades, and then possibly a West Regional Plan with Waukee and Van Meter."

The options the board has put forth includes the full regionalization of the metro, and the west regional plan with Waukee and Van Meter.

Murphy said one of the plans will be more favorable to residents' pocketbooks. 

"If you look at the two different scenarios that we've laid out, as far as a west regional plan or full regionalization, so 30% difference of savings, over 40 years, if we fully regionalize versus a west regional plan," Murphy said. 

Although progress on these decisions is being made, Murphy says she's not going to water down the truth regardless of what plan is selected. It will take a while to come to fruition.

"Ten years ahead of time, what we need to do, because it can take that long to get our infrastructure into place," she said.

Murphy urged community members to continue being patient and share their opinions on the matter.

"Really want to reiterate is this just as just a very first early step, we definitely want to hear from the public. We're going to continue to reach out as we move those processes," she said. 

More information about the plans can be found by visiting the Water Works website. Members of the public will be able to join in the public meeting by clicking/tapping here

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