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Want to get around Milan? There’s an app for that

On Tuesday August 20, MetroLINK had a “Coffee Break” with us at their Operations and Maintenance Center.

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois- On Tuesday August 20, MetroLINK's having a "Coffee Break" with us at their Operations and Maintenance Center.

MetroLINK provides bus service to residents throughout the Illinois Quad Cities. It also operates the Channel Cat Water Taxi.

Manager of Administration Jennifer Hirsch's joining us Tuesday morning to discuss a new feature they introduced in June, called the Microtransit App.

Much like an Uber or a Lyft, when a rider orders a ride, a 12 passenger wheelchair accessible van will come get them in Milan and drop them off within a defined service area. The cost to use the app is the same as a fixed route charge, just $1.00 for adults.

To see the defined service area and to download the app, click here. 

In April of last year, MetroLINK welcomed three battery-electric buses to its feet. Hirsch told us Tuesday morning, the group received five more earlier this Spring.

The 40-foot-long buses are quieter than most buses and give off zero emissions, according to a statement from the Quad Cities Chamber. The buses cut long-term operation costs and fares will remain the same for riders.