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Requested absentee ballots being mailed to Scott County voters

More than 37,000 people in Scott county will be getting absentee ballots in the mail.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — More than 37,000 people in Scott county will be getting absentee ballots in the mail. 

According to a statement from Scott County Auditor Roxanna Mortiz, the ballots were expected to be mailed to voters on Monday, October 5.  It's state law that these ballots be sent out 29 days before the General Election on Tuesday, November 3. 

The absentee ballots being used for the 2020 election are different from previous elections, explained Mortiz.  Voters are receiving a smaller envelope to return their ballot in. These new envelopes are cheaper, saving 23-cents each; that in turn saves $8,050 for the mailing. 

Moritz said she anticipates voters will feel a sense of relief when they get their ballots in the mail. 

“I know many voters are anxious to receive their ballots based on the number of calls my staff has answered,” Moritz said. “I also know that multiple political groups have mailed multiple absentee ballot requests to voters, and in some case unnecessarily worried voters that something was wrong with their requests because they received so many forms.

Anyone requesting a mail-in ballot needs to have their form sent back by October 24.

Early voting and in-person voting on Election Day is also an option.

Moritz previously said she's aiming to keep all 63 polling locations this year. By state law, she has to keep at least 41 of those locations open.

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In Rock Island County, County Clerk Karen Kinney said she is encouraging people to vote by mail to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to get ballots in as early as possible to avoid issues with the postal service.

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