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Trimble Funeral Home gives glimpse into funeral service procedures during pandemic

The funeral director described the atmosphere and new challenges facing the business amid the period of isolation.

The discouragement of large gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way many types of businesses can operate, including funeral homes. What were once ceremonies of full families and friends now consist of just a few close people.

The funeral director of Moline's Trimble Funeral Home, Reed Trimble spoke to News8 about the ways the home has adapted to operate while keeping gathering numbers low.

To keep funeral services going, the home has limited the funeral service itself to just a few guests to comply with guidelines about group gatherings. To make up for this, the funeral home will be offering system to broadcast funeral services to people's homes. While people can still attend burial services in larger numbers, visitors will be required to stay in their cars.

Trimble also says that he will offer the facility for free celebration of life events, but isn't able to at the moment, saying that the home isn't currently able to serve food and drink.