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Rock Island native announces mayoral bid

Thurgood Brooks announced his candidacy for mayor of Rock Island Saturday at Martin Luther King Jr. Park.
Credit: Josh Lamberty
Thurgood Brooks makes mayoral candidacy announcement in Rock Island, Ill., on Saturday.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — A community activist in Rock Island announced his candidacy for mayor.

Thurgood Brooks kicked off his campaign Saturday at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Rock Island.

Brooks says he is focused on affordable housing, clean neighborhoods and sustainability.

Brooks grew up in Rock Island. He graduated from Rock Island High School in 2011. He moved back to the town in 2015 after graduating from Western Illinois University. He now works as a family advocate at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Rock Island.

Brooks says leadership is the first step in moving Rock Island forward.

"Rock Islanders need leadership, to start off with, and leadership that believes in Rock Islanders, and believes that Rock Island has citizens here that with opportunity can take Rock Island to where we should be," Brooks said.

Alongside Brooks at the campaign kickoff Saturday was Moses Robinson. Robinson announced his candidacy for ward 1 alderman at the event as well.