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Thousands Travel through QC International Airport for Thanksgiving

Four-thousand people are expected to travel by air through MLI airport this Thanksgiving.

MOLINE, Ill. — Four-thousand people are expected to hit the skies from the Quad Cities International Airport (MLI) for Thanksgiving 2021.

According to Ashleigh Davis, Quad Cities International Airport PR Manager, that's double the amount compared to 2020.

"I think a lot of people are anxious to get out and see family that they maybe didn't get to see last Thanksgiving," said Davis.

Travelers say they're confident in staying healthy during travel despite COVID-19 numbers.

"We're both fully vaccinated and haven't been sick otherwise. So we feel pretty safe," said Kate Coyle, holiday traveler.

Ben Coyle, a traveler from Norfolk, Virginia says he and his wife wouldn't miss the opportunity to visit their families this year. 

"I'm very excited. We're both active duty. So, this is the only opportunity we're going to have for our schedules between deployments and other things to come back and see the families," said Ben Coyle.

Before leaving to your destination there are some airport travel tips to remember;

  • Face masks must be worn in the airport and on the plane.
  • Check with your airline for cancellations or flight changes before check-in.
  • Arrive two hours early for domestic flights and three for international. 

"Allegiant, just catering to some of those more vacation destinations will probably be a little bit busier," said Davis.

Allegiant airlines has the highest ticket sales for the holiday week departing from MLI. The most traveled areas are Las Vegas, Dallas and Florida.

"We're going back to Florida to be with our family back home and have Thanksgiving," said Tina Ray, holiday traveler. "Looking forward to that and looking forward to getting back to the warmth."

Despite the increase in passengers, the airport isn't expecting any cancellations.

"We know that in general, a lot of airlines are experiencing some challenges. We haven't seen a huge dramatic impact at the Quad Cities," said Davis.