THIS WEEK: Make a movie on your phone

Iowa artists are submitting cellphone stories to a unique state film festival

DES MOINES, Iowa — The arts are still alive, even though galleries, concert halls, and theatres are closed.

And an Iowa artist wants to showcase state talent at a time when artists need to look outside the box.

It's called the Iowa Quarantine Film Challenge and it's an attempt by Iowa Film to keep the arts from falling out of the public's eye.

"i wanted to make sure that didn't happen - i wanted to make sure we all stayed creative - during these times," said Dylan Jaeger, the Iowa Quarantine Film Challenge organizer.

Your movie has to be filmed on your phone and the only people who can be in it are those quarantined with you.

You can collaborate with other people... it just has to be remotely.

Interested?  Submit a video to jaeger.s.dylan@gmail.com 

"I really just wanted to make people laugh and I was trying to submit something to the film contest," explained film director Rob Merritt about his creation "This Year is a Dumpster Fire".

Jaeger started the film challenge as a weekly film festival right in your living room.