"The Resolution" invites lawmakers to hear dialogue on discrimination and police reform

Thurgood Brooks created a platform to get stories and policy talks out without the heat of a protest.

Outside of Second Baptist Church in Rock Island on Wednesday was a group of people sharing stories and talking about the issues to people who would listen and legislators without the heated tension of a protest.

Thurgood Brooks created The Resolution, a platform to call for action and talk about the kind of reforms community members, out of a desire to stop protesting and move on to a deeper level of action planning.

8 area legislators, from mayors to senators to people in between, were invited to the forum to hear the discussion.

"You know I wanted to listen and learn," said Moline Mayor Mike Thoms, who attended the event. "We need to continue practicing and educating the city employees; not just the PD, all city employees, on racial discrimination."

Brooks expresses the importance of getting these stories out, saying "This issue is so systemic that it grains into education, housing and taxes for people like ourselves... and if you can get both sides of the isle; when there`s only one isle; to agree on something that`s when you see things resolved."

More information about The Resolution can be found on its Facebook page.