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Support Local: Taco Crave appreciates customers support during COVID-19 concerns

Taco Crave is used to seeing over 100 customers a day, but the owner said there is a decline of about 60 or 70 percent.

BRYAN, Texas — Taco Crave in Downtown Bryan prides themselves on making authentic Mexican street-style food.

The owner, David Posadas, started up the restaurant three years ago.

"The flavors that we have are things that you're going to find in somebody's home," said Posadas.

Posadas' experience in the food industry started over 20 years ago working at his uncle's restaurant.

"He taught us everything," said Posadas. "From being a dishwasher to management. I thought, 'Yeah let's keep this family tradition going.'"

Although Posadas doesn't consider Taco Crave a family business, he still considers his staff family.

"I've been very fortunate to have them," said Posadas. "They are really the ones that make everything happen."

Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing a decline in business, Posadas is having to cut back his staff's hours.

"Right now I have one person working a shift," said Posadas. "It rotates, one person in the morning, one person at night."

Taco Crave is used to seeing over 100 customers a day, but Posadas said now it's about 60 or 70 percent less.

"We have to adjust to the amount of money that we are making so we can stay alive and stay open," said Posadas

While dining in may no longer be an option, people can still order take out, curbside pick up or delivery at Taco Crave.

"Deliveries that we do are my guys doing it. We do free deliveries," said Posadas.

As a local business owner, Posadas knows the importance of supporting one during this difficult time.

"When it comes to suppliers, my suppliers are all local," Posadas said.

That community support is much needed now more than ever.

"Five customers makes a big difference," Posadas said. "Maybe that's one of the paychecks I have to give to one of the guys."

Posadas makes sure to thank all of his customers, but nowadays he said those 'Thank you's' mean a whole lot more.

"We appreciate it a lot," Posadas said. "I mean thanks to them we are here still."

This is part of an ongoing series that highlights several businesses across the Brazos Valley during the coronavirus pandemic.  

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