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Study confirms the saying, ‘Happy wife, happy life’

The happier a woman is in her marriage, the happier husband will also be, according to a study from Rutgers University.

The happier a woman is in her marriage, the happier husband will also be.

That’s part of the results from a study at Rutgers University, in which researchers examined the impact of marital quality on well-being.

Since many studies examined younger couples, this study analyzed nearly 400 couples who had been married for an average of 39 years.

Researchers found when a woman is happy, she tends to do more for her husband and provide more emotional support. That gives the husband a feeling of better life satisfaction.

Thus, “happy wife, happy life” appears to be true.

“For husbands, in particular, life satisfaction is enhanced by wives’ marital happiness, even among men who view their marriages unfavorably,” the study results said. “A man who views his marriage very unfavorably may still enjoy relatively high levels of life satisfaction if his wife views the marriage favorably.”

The reverse is not necessarily true, the study found. That might be because men often avoid sharing feelings as freely as women.

“Given men’s more passive style of marital interaction, their marital unhappiness may not compound their wives’ marital dissatisfaction to affect her overall well-being,” the study report said.

The study was also published in the Journal of Family and Marriage.