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QC Psychic & Paranormal Expo creates connections among occult fans

More than two dozen vendors set up their booths in the Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — The 9th annual Quad Cities Psychic & Paranormal Expo was held in Davenport between Nov. 19-20.

More than two dozen vendors lined the floors of the Quad-Cities Waterfront Convention Center, right across from the Festival of Trees.

"We bring in the vendors from around the Midwest," said expo co-host Kelly McCarville. "We have psychics, mediums, stones, healers, paranormal teams, haunted locations and just kind of a variety of vendors that fall into the metaphysical or paranormal realm."

And for Emerald Frommelt of Pink Moon Cree-ations, giving out tarot readings is something she's passionate about.

"And it's just a lot of fun to connect with people to kind of hear other facets of their lives," said Fremmelt.  "And it's been a real joy to help guide people through some of the issues that they have."

Frommelt says tarot reading is more than just trying to give guidance.

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"It's understanding, it's mind, body and spirit," said Freemolt. "It's also understanding where the person is and meeting them where they are in their life. The thing with tarot is people have free will. We can do whatever, we can make changes as we want."

And she wants to make it clear that she's can't predict the future with 100% accuracy.

"Some people think that they're satanic, or they have a negative [connotation or] they can bring negative energy, I absolutely do not believe that. I cannot read the future. I can't tell you exactly what to do. It's only again, a form of guidance," Freemolt said.

Growing up in Washington state, she says she and her cousin would go to a gift shop that offered spell books and tarot cards. and after trying it out, she was spellbound. And while always having an interest in tarot reading, Frommelt says it wasn't until she was in her 20s that she started taking the craft seriously.

"I started diving a little bit deeper, doing a lot more research on the card meanings and how they fit into my life," said Freemmolt. "And then I started doing personal readings for friends, probably in my early 30s.

Besides being a tarot reader, Freemmolt is also a registered nurse, having previously worked in cardiac and emergency surgery units. And she says tarot has given her the ability to destress.

"100%, I have experienced burnout as a nurse," said Freemmolt. "But I've experienced burnout as a mom, I've experienced burnout as a friend and as a student. And so I look at Taro as another avenue for that. I look at it as you're looking at your spiritual side of things or questions that you might need to ask yourself that maybe you're not asking."

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