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Civil War reenactment in Princeton gives visitors glimpse at history

The annual Shadows of the Blue and Gray event features Civil War battle scenes and speeches from Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Tubman.

PRINCETON, Ill. — Throughout the weekend, people were given the chance to get an up-close look at the American Civil War during the Shadows of the Blue and Gray event. 

It was the 26th year of the reenactment. There were camp life demonstrations, battle scenes and Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address at the end. There was even a medical presentation after the battle, where they performed a surgery.

The reenactment offed a chance for people to learn about what caused the Civil War and how Union and Confederate soldiers lived and fought. 

"It's important for people to understand what it was like back then, to see both sides and to understand that it's not all bad, it's not all good on either side," co-president Debi Johnson said. "It just gives everybody a chance to come out and walk around the camps and interact with the reenactors and learn about history."

The last day of the event was Sunday, Oct. 10 at City County Park in Princeton, Illinois, where live battle scene took place at 2:00 p.m.