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Devoting to Quad Cities organizations | Pay It Forward

Bonnie Favre volunteers at multiple organizations, including the Botanical Center and Red Cross, to give back to the Quad Cities community.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — Ever since Bonnie Favre retired, she's wanted to use her time doing something that brings her joy. 

“Being around people, of course, makes you happy. Giving back to the community, everything is like a big puzzle… it takes pieces… sometimes they’re little, sometimes they’re large," Favre said. 

That's why she has devoted about 15 to 20 hours each week to volunteering around the Quad Cities area. One of those organizations is the Quad City Botanical Center, who nominated her for the Pay If Forward award. 

“Bonnie goes above and beyond by taking leadership in things like our gift shop, our plant sale, our crafting areas, a lot of our camps and things like that," said Ryan Wille, who is the executive director at the Quad City Botanical Center. 

Not only does Favre work with the Botanical Center, but other well known areas to the Quad Cities. 

“I do weekly at the American Red Cross, so I’ll put a plug in for them… please donate blood it’s that time of year. And recently I just got done with Festival of Trees and of course people know that’s an ongoing type of thing. There’s a group of knitters that I work with and we do things to support the Niabi Zoo," said Favre. 

Not only does being around people and helping the community make her happy, but the community response to the events and activities she helps out with is enough to keep her paying it forward. 

“To see the smile on people’s faces, whether it’s the kids coming for camp, whether it’s an art fair, a plant thing… the fact that people come and they realize that it’s here," said Favre. 

Do you know someone that goes above and beyond for his or her community? News 8 and Ascentra Credit Union would like to help you Pay it Forward to them. Click here to nominate someone you know.

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