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Pay it Forward awards Sherrard teacher who is determined to make an impact with her students

Tammy Crippen is this week's Pay it Forward recipient. As a teacher and organizer of many clubs and events she is always willing to lend a hand.

SHERRARD, Ill. — Tammy Crippen has thirty years of teaching under her belt. Twenty, spent with  the Sherrard School District.

To this day she still has a love for the Tigers and the purple and gold.

"I actually graduated from here," said Tammy, working at her alma mater to spread the lessons she was taught growing up.

 "I had wonderful parents and great friends and sometimes you see kids who don't have that and so as an educator I think it's important that everybody should be on a level playing field," said Tammy.

Michelle Rolsch has worked hand in hand with Tammy on multiple projects.

"This school is her life, this community is her life," said Michelle.

They inspire each other to do more for every student.

"There was an incident that came up just recently where a boy needed some additional help outside of schooling and she was right there," said Michelle.

On top of teaching English and working with the cheer team and other clubs, Tammy created a "Friday Feature" for her senior students. The students come up with life skills they want to accomplish every week.

"I'm blessed to be able to do the things that I can do to be able to help those kids," said Tammy.

Tammy nominated Michelle for Pay It Forward in 2019 and now the recognition is being returned.

"I'd like to Pay it Forward for just a couple things that you do cause the list is too long so when they ask what you do to deserve this I don't know because it's always so much," said Michelle.

Tammy was shocked but ready to continue teaching her students English and life skills to help them succeed.

"I feel undeserving I am trying right now I am like thinking of all the things I can do for my school," said Tammy.

If you want to recognize someone who goes above and beyond for his or her community, nominate them for the Pay it Forward contest: click here.