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Project 15:12 helps people who've fallen through the cracks | Pay It Forward

Project 15:12 helps people in their time of need who don't qualify for other forms of support.

MOLINE, Ill. — We are human. We all experience the ebb and flow of life. With today's current inflation rates, making a dollar stretch is increasingly more difficult. 

But if you don't qualify for low-income-focused assistance, you may be wondering, "What can I do?"

Seven years ago, Monica Burchette and Karly Driscoll came together and formed Project 15:12. Together, their goal was to fill in those gaps for people who may have fallen on hard times but don't qualify for other forms of assistance. Sarah Huber sees how their incredible work is helping countless people in the Quad Cities region and so she nominated them for the Pay It Forward award.

"Project 15:12 is an amazing organization that exists to step in and fill a need when there is one," Huber said. "For families who don't necessarily qualify for government assistance or help from other organizations. They reach out to families that maybe fall through the cracks."

In short, they step in when life throws those unexpected curve balls.

"Things happen ... You have an unexpected diagnosis, somebody is sick, you have to take time off work and then things just start to snowball," said Huber. "Things are more expensive and it's hard, and if you miss a step you can just fall to pieces."

So instead of letting people fall to pieces, Karly and Monica work to help people. It can be in many ways they help. Perhaps you need transportation to work or help with your light bill or rent/mortgage. They can help with whatever your biggest need is, as long as you don't qualify for other assistance.

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With current inflation rates, Project 15:12 is seeing more needs today.

[In June] we had our record number of referrals that we've ever had in our 7 years of existence." said Driscoll. "We have everyone just saying, 'I need help with food and gas to get back and forth to work.'"

News 8's David Bohlman asked if there was a story that stands out to them throughout their time with Project 15:12 helping people in need. 

Monica told me a story about a woman who had breast cancer. The woman has just finished treatment and everyone around her just kept telling her to "rest." But in reality, cancer didn't care about her situation. She still had bills and responsibilities, so resting really wasn't an option. Then, Monica told News 8 how Project 15:12 stepped in to help the woman. In the end, the woman said how she was so relieved... she was finally able to rest, and heal.

You can learn more about Project 15:12 and the great work they are doing by visiting their website by clicking here.

Because Project 15:12 isn't a government or state program, it relies on private donations to continue its work. You can make a donation by clicking here.

Do you know someone that goes above and beyond for his or her community? News 8 and Ascentra Credit Union would like to help you Pay it Forward to them. Click here to nominate someone you know.

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