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Pay It Forward salutes generous Annawan couple for kind gestures

“They are just amazing people all the way around,” said Tracey Jacobsen, Mick’s Place.

ANNAWAN, Illinois -- John and Vanessa Addis are on the cutting edge these days.  Their "Lawnmower Runs" are more than just chores.  They come complete with horn-honking tractors and bikes.

"We just go around town and stop at different locations to raise money for someone in need," said Vanessa.

The projects are fun, rewarding and generous.

"There's some people that need help," John continued.  "All we did was try to put something together.  Bring all the good people together one day for a few hours to assist anybody that needs help."

That's why Ascentra Credit Union stops by their business, Mick's Place, 101 S. East Street, in Annawan.

"John and Vanessa are such a caring and special couple," said Megan Guldenpfennig, Ascentra Credit Union.  "They always give a lending hand to anyone in need."

Moments later, Tracey Jacobsen, who nominated them, delivers a big order to Mick's Place.

"You guys are supportive to everyone, including me," she said.  "On behalf of WQAD News Eight and Ascentra Credit Union, I'd like  to give you $300 to Pay It Forward," Jacobsen said.

Inside Mick's Place, Tracey, who also tends bar, gets a daily front row view of their kindness.  It touches her personally and reaches out to others.

"They're just amazing people all the way around," she said.  "They're always there. They're always smiling, and they never, ever expect anything in return."

The Pay It Forward cash will go into their next project.  It's another example of what makes these friends so awesome in Annawan.

"Everybody always comes together and looks out for each other," Vanessa concluded.  "It's truly a wonderful place to live."