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Pay It Forward salutes Davenport police officer who gave Heidi a home

“She’s a very loving dog,” said Corp. Michael Greenleaf, Davenport Police. “She’s perfectly happy.”
Heidi Gets A Home

BETTENDORF -- Inside Nelson Brothers Agency, there's a four-legged friend making the rounds.

Heidi is a special needs Golden Retriever, age 8, with a heart of gold, too.

"She's a very loving dog," said Corp. Michael Greenleaf, Davenport Police. "She's perfectly happy climbing up on the couch, putting her head in your lap .  You pet her, and she goes to sleep."

But when Heidi's owner, Joleen Dalton, passed away unexpectedly, the friendly dog needed a new home.

Sadly, it isn't easy for an older dog with epilepsy and big medical bills.

"We were Joleen's friends," said Kaitlyn Schepers, a co-worker at the insurance business.  "We were her family at work.  So, for us, it was hard to decide what to do."

That's why Jennifer Naeve from Ascentra Credit Union is making a special presentation.

"Kaitlyn, I want to present this to you for nominating Officer Greenleaf for the Pay It Forward," she said.  "He's an example of listening, caring and doing what's right."

Moments later, Schepers is about to Pay It Forward to Officer Greenleaf.

"Thank you for your great service, for taking Heidi in and honoring Joleen in such a tremendous way," she said.

Corp. Greenleaf is donating the $300 to Project Delta.  The group trains rescue dogs to be companions for veterans with PTSD.

It was fate that brought Heidi and Michael Greenleaf together.

"She needed that forever home," he said.

Corp. Greenleaf was on the police call after Joleen's death.

"After about the second day, I kind of knew Heidi was going to end up coming home with me," said the man who already has two dogs at home.

Adding a third, though, isn't a problem.  One look at Heidi, and he was sold.

"She kind of came in, took control of the couch," he recalled.  "That was it."

While adopting the elderly dog is a great gesture, it also relieves Jolene's co-workers at Nelson Brothers.

"He brought her in that first time, and you could tell right away he was hook, line and sinker in love with her," Kaitlyn said.  "That was great for us to see."

As they visit the office, it's clear that Heidi is home with Corp. Greenleaf.

"It's rewarding for me to see that they're so happy that Heidi's well-taken care of," he concluded.

It will be a lasting bond with a loving dog.