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Pay It Forward: Rockridge’s Biggest Booster

He lives and breathes Rockridge and a grateful community thanks Aug E. Kerres by helping him “Pay It Forward”

EDGINGTON, Illinois -  At Rockridge High School, it's Homecoming.   So strike up the band.

And leading this practice session of the Rockets Marching Band is Aug E. Kerres.

"If you go to any football game, you're going to see him directing traffic," says Beth Boney as she watches the Homecoming parade march past.

"He's everywhere."

"Everybody knows him and he's there to help everybody," adds Bill Foley whose also soaking in the marching band.

"Aug E." is a legend at Rockridge: volunteering to help at events and leading the Rockets to bigger and better things.

"I think I've been to every Homecoming," he says.  "It's perfect.  It gives you a chance to show off and be part of the community.  It's wonderful."

And at Thursday night's Homecoming Parade, Aug E., his wife Mary Rose, and trusted dog Cricket have a place of honor: right behind a school bus.

He still drives the kids to and from school even though at the age of 82 he's tried to retire twice.

"When I get to 83 I might slow down a little."

And at the Rockridge pep rally, it was Aug E. who was honored not only for his military service but for his years of service to the Rockridge School District.

"News 8 has a 'Pay It Forward' program and I'm here to 'Pay It Forward' to you," said Cheryl Peters who wrote to News 8 and nominated Aug E. for the Ascentra Credit Union's Pay It Forward program..

"It's easy to volunteer when you've got such good people," says Aug E.

"He's such a special guy," says Rockridge High School principal Katy Hasson.

"Any time we need him to do anything we just give him a call and he's happy to volunteer whether it's rigging something up, lining a field,  parking cars, he does it all."

"He's an advocate for everybody," says Cheryl.

"It doesn't matter if you're a cheerleader, he was a cheerleader.  Or Cross Country.  He has helped everybody."

Aug E. gets 300 dollars from Ascentra Credit Union and a standing ovation from his many thankful friends and Rockets fans.

"They tease me about being mayor," he says.

How about ambassador?  A goodwill ambassador?

"Goodwill ambassador, that's right."

If you know someone who goes above and beyond, helping neighbors or the community, just let us know with a "Pay It Forward" nomination.  Just fill out the form by clicking here.

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