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Pay It Forward recognizes 6-year-old pushing for a litter free movement

DAVENPORT, Iowa– Meyer Wikoff is not your typical six year old, she has a unique passion for picking up trash. “We were driving to kindergarten roun...

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Meyer Wikoff is not your typical six year old, she has a unique passion for picking up trash.

"We were driving to kindergarten round up and I noticed that there was a lot of trash and so I asked Mommy if I could pick it up," said Meyer. Meyer's mom Haley was immediately on board.

"She woke up 15 minutes early got through her morning routine very quickly and then we used the extra time as we were walking to pick up trash," said Haley Wikoff.

Looking to perfect the neighborhood she lives at in Central Davenport.

"Is today trash day or which day this week are we picking up trash. Sometimes we try to do Tuesdays, you know Tuesday Trash day but it's really whenever we walked, we'd make a conscious effort to pick up along the way," said Haley.

For Meyer, it can get a little frustrating seeing more trash laying out the day after she cleans it up. So far, she isn't giving up starting her own "Meyer Movement" to collect one ton of trash.

Meyer and her mom's walk the block picking up wrappers, plastic forks and anything they come across that doesn't belong.

Jayne O'Brien wanted Meyer to know her work is making a difference by nominating her for Pay It Forward, sponsored by Ascentra Credit Union.

"Jayne, thank you for nominating Meyer for the Pay it Forward award," Said Lindsey Osborne, with Ascentra Credit Union. "Her spirit and drive to help the community truly reflect Ascentra's motto which is listening. caring and doing what's right.  On behalf of Ascentra and WQAD here's $300 so you can Pay It Forward to Meyer."

Still a little embarrassed by all of the attention, Meyer knows exactly what she wants to spend her cash on.

"Kids that don't have any food or water," said Meyer. Showing that even the smallest kids can have big hearts.

"She has always been talking about, I want to make a difference,  I want to do something good for my community or the world and so I think she just recognized that it was gross on our walk and that was the one thing that stuck out to her," said Haley.

If you know of someone doing good things in your community, someone who shows the core values of Ascentra Credit Union, which are Listening, Caring and Doing What's Right, why not Pay it Forward?

Nominate them here.

This feature is sponsored.