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Pay it Forward awards man who gives back to his community using boxing

GALESBURG, Illinois– “God put me here to work with people and kids and that’s why I’m still here,” said Carlos Duncan.Duncan has b...

GALESBURG, Illinois-- "God put me here to work with people and kids and that's why I'm still here," said Carlos Duncan.Duncan has been creating a safe place for everyone in Galesburg since 1947.

"He does so much for this community. He's helped so many people graduate for their GED he's helped students get off the street and not do drugs or anything like that," said Candance Hepner. Hepner says his biggest impact is the Galesburg Youth Athletic Club.

Carlos brings in local kids and keeping them out of trouble, one jab at a time. His work goes beyond working just the youth in the community he also works with the elderly suffering from Parkinson's disease.

"He's been like a grandpa to me for so many years that it's my time and other peoples time to give back to him," said Hepner. To give back she decided to nominate Carlos for Pay it Forward, sponsored by Ascentra Credit Union.

"Candace, thanks for nominating Carlos a person who has given so much time to help the youth follow the right path," said Alvaro Macias, with Ascentra Credit Union. "It really speaks to me because I, too went to after school programs that helped me go in the right direction and people like Carlos are always listening, caring and doing what's right the core values at Ascentra Credit Union and for that reason I'd like to present you with three hundred dollars so that you may Pay It Forward, congratulations."

Ready to share the surprise with Carlos and his rock steady students.

"Carlos, on behalf of WQAD and Ascentra Credit Union I'd like to Pay It Forward to you for three hundred dollars," said Hepner.

"It means an awful lot that little Candace is grown up and did something for us that's the only way you can do it is pay it back and you reap what you sow," said Carlos.

Pound for pound he's as good an influence you'll find and it'd be hard to stop his champion mindset.

If you know of someone doing good things in your community, someone who shows the core values of Ascentra Credit Union, which are Listening, Caring and Doing What's Right, nominate them for the Pay it Forward Contest here.