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NECKER’S GIFT OF GIVING: NAMI Greater Mississippi Valley

This month, a portion of all sales from Necker’s Jewelers will be donated to NAMI.

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Next week, millions of people across the country will make their fight with mental illness public with a walk lead by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

One will be taking place right here in the Quad Cities, but there's something you can do before the walk to help. That's because this month NAMI Greater Mississippi Valley is our Necker's Gift of Giving recipient.

Millions of people are coming together to fight. They're fighting mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, but the biggest battle is misunderstanding.

"The stigma is probably the most difficult challenge we have, and unfortunately because of that stigma, that's what keeps people who have a mental health condition from seeking treatment," Laurie Edge with NAMI Greater Mississippi Valley said.

The non-profit is gearing up for their biggest fundraiser of the year, the 16th annual NAMI walk. Because all their services are free, there's a lot riding on this event.

The walk will take place a week from Saturday on Sept. 21, 2019 at the Veteran's Memorial Park in Bettendorf. It kicks off at 8 a.m.

"They are the hero," Edge said. "They live day in day out with the condition, and it's a tough battle. The fact they can persevere and survive and battle the stigma, they really are heroes."

They are walking together to fight the stigma, showing people they're not alone.

NAMI's newest service is called Home Front for Vets to help battle PTSD.

This month, a portion of all sales from Necker's Jewelers will be donated to NAMI.

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