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North Scott High Schools welcomes students back to classroom following one week of remote learning

In-person learning was put on hold for one week after an uptick of COVID-19 cases.

ELDRIDGE, Iowa — North Scott High School students are back in the classroom after one week of online learning. The temporary closure of the high school started Friday, September 18 after 11 students and staff members tested positive for COVID-19. School was set to remain closed Monday and pick back up on Tuesday with remote learning.

The district's superintendent Joe Stutting says it's great to welcome students back to the classroom. There are currently about 10 to 13 active cases of COVID-19 at the high school, and about 75 students are in quarantine. Stutting says that the number of students in quarantine is decreasing everyday.

Stutting says he hopes students and parents do their part to help prevent community spread. 

"Obviously, now the high school (students) now know what it means to lose a week of school, and a week of activities, so my guess is even you'll see better compliance on wearing masks and they'll hopefully do it outside of school too," he says.  

Originally, North Scott submitted a request on Thursday, September 17 with the Iowa Department of Education to move to remote learning through October 5th. 

Stutting says the district did not have to get permission from the Iowa Department of Education to go remote for two weeks. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds made school districts adopt in-person learning 50% of the time. Since North Scott is full time in-person they are allowed to go one week 

"We're all in this together, (so) wear your masks and social distance when you can," Stutting says. "When you're quarantined, stay home. It isn't just a school rule but follow all the CDC guidelines. The more we can control community spread, the (higher) likelihood we won't have to shutdown a classroom or a building in the future."