New program to help drivers who get stuck on the side of the road in Iowa

Iowa drivers — if you’ve ever had to go it alone to change a flat tire or figure out how to get a gallon of gas, those days are over.

A new program in Iowa can help drivers in Iowa who find themselves stuck on the side of the road.

Highway Helper Iowa is a service that helps keep traffic moving, by providing road-side help with jump starts, flat tire changes, and re-fueling.  If drivers need more than that, Highway Helper gets them to a safe location to figure out their next arrangements.

"We do a lot of accident management," said a spokesperson with the program, "allowing the public to know that there's going to be a scene ahead and just advance warning... so that we don't have secondary crashes of vehicles running into stopped traffic on the interstate."

Members of the Highway Helper program are on duty along Interstate 80, Interstate 280 and in the Interstate 74 construction zone.