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New Iowa law will make it easier for restaurants to buy alcohol

Soon, businesses with a class C license will be able to purchase alcohol from local retailers and resell it.

IOWA, USA — Iowa's alcohol distribution laws are set to change on Jan. 1, 2023. Next year, businesses like restaurants, golf courses and hotels will be able to purchase up to five cases of beer or canned cocktails from local retailers for resell. 

Right now, businesses with a class C license have to wait for their distributors to deliver alcohol like beer if they need more. 

The Iowa Restaurant Association pushed for this new change. It hopes it will benefit Iowa's restaurants at a time when the cost of products and labor are at unprecedented high. 

Sally Deeb, the owner of Sally's on Broadway, said the new law will be better for business than the old one. 

"Especially having a store here in town that, a convenience store that we can run to quickly to grab something, it will be great," Deeb said.


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