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New bill could allow Iowa distilleries to start home deliveries

If signed, the bill will allow Iowa distilleries to ship alcohol to Iowans homes, through a third party vendor.

LE CLAIRE, Iowa — Distilleries in Iowa are one step closer to expanding their alcohol sales.  

The Iowa legislature passed a bill passed on Wednesday. Once the bill is signed by Governor Kim Reynolds, it will allow distilleries to sell online and have products delivered through third party vendors. 

For The Mississippi Distilling Company, change is already on the way.

Co-owner of The Mississippi River Distilling Company, Ryan Burchett said he is pleasantly surprised at the passing of the bill. The company is currently making plans to move forward.

 "We're getting boxes designed that fit our models. We're getting the website changed and all those kinds of things, so we're ready to go when it launches on July first," he said. 

The bill is expected to go into effect on July 1st: one month before the grand opening of The Mississippi River Distilling Company's Event Center. 

"We've been really fortunate in that some things have come our way that we've been able to take advantage of. We think this is another great progression for our business," Burchett said.

Distilleries will only be able to ship to Iowa residents.