Necker’s Gift of Giving salutes Iowa Women’s Foundation

“We’re so proud of Love Girls magazine, and what they’ve accomplished,” said Dawn Oliver Wiand, executive director of the Iowa WomenR...

CORALVILLE, Iowa -- From a small office in Coralville, the Iowa Women's Foundation is doing big things.

That's where you'll find its only full time staffer, Executive Director Dawn Oliver Wiand.

"We are an organization that works to improve lives of women and girls in our Iowa communities," she said on Monday, April 10.

In its Gift of Giving, Necker's will donate a portion of April sales to support the 22-year-old organization.

The foundation supports local projects like the Love Girls magazine.  Former Rocky student Jasmine Babers started it in 2011.  Six years later, it's still an eye-grabber.

"We are so proud of Love Girls magazine, and what they've accomplished," Wiand continued.

Creative covers keep the issues flourishing.  It's a positive publication, written for girls, by girls.

"I'd love to see a Love Girls magazine in every high school in the state of Iowa," she said.

The foundation also reaches out to local Girl Scouts projects.  That allows more youngsters to participate.

"If our women and girls are successful, our families will be," she said.  "Ultimately, our communities will be much better."

The Iowa Women's Foundation devotes part of its time to statewide issues.  Research shows that nearly all single Iowa women with families face money troubles.

"We're taking a look now at child care, and what can we do to help with that barrier and break it down," she said.

While publications like Ovation raise money, this donor-reliant foundation depends on good ideas and community support.

The foundation will surprise subjects at the Davenport Country Club, on May 17, while unveiling its new edition.

"We feel that you need to be recognized and your story told for the impact you've had on your family, your friends and your community." she concluded.

It adds up to big accomplishments from this small setting.