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Moline family's ceiling collapses due to faulty construction; owners encourage checks for houses built in the '70s

The homeowner said that their ceiling collapsed with little to no warning, due to outdated installation techniques.

MOLINE, Ill. — Moline homeowner Ken Gullette said it was an average Sunday morning for him and his wife Nancy.

That is until the two heard a large crash come from their living room.

“Suddenly, there was a 'BAM crash' and I came out and saw the ceiling had collapsed,” Ken said.

Though the couple has only lived in their home for the past eight years, the house was built back in 1974.

“We had an inspector come over yesterday," Ken said. "And he said that in the '70s in this area, a lot of houses were built, where they put the drywall the sheetrock up on the ceiling and used nails instead of screws or other fasteners. Over time those nails can work them themselves loose.”

The couple had their roof replaced just three years ago, meaning there is no significant water damage.

Now, their home insurance is saying they won’t cover it.

“State Farm says they will not cover it. Because it's shoddy workmanship, not water damage or something. But that shoddy workmanship stood here for 48 years. So, it's a bit frustrating at this point.”

While nails used in ceilings were a common practice back in the 70s, most contractors used long nails. The nails that have come out of their ceiling are much shorter.

“You do expect home insurance, homeowners insurance to cover it. But, State Farm so far is not being a good neighbor,” said Ken.

Now, the two worry about their remaining ceiling.

“We have a ceiling fan in the middle of our bedroom. And it's not as big as this," Ken said. "So we weren't, you know, it did cross our minds last night. When you think you're safe in your home, and then the ceiling caves in? It's it would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.”

Now, the couple asks that anyone who lives in a home built in that timeframe have their ceilings checked.

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