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Bettendorf staff says middle school is out of control

Bettendorf staff and parents shared concerns about violence and utter disregard for authority at the middle school.

BETTENDORF, Iowa — Parents and staff at Bettendorf Middle School shared their concerns during Thursday's board meeting, saying the school is out of control.

They discussed student behavior, not only towards each other but also the teaching staff.

Parents and teachers said enough is enough with fighting, vandalism, skipping class and overall disrespect. One staff member went as far as to say, the building is nothing less than "Lord of the Flies."

Bettendorf Middle School Counselor Michelle Brudy spent 28 years working for the middle school. She said the toxic environment of the school is making her leave early. 

"I truly did my best to support them, but most especially to keep them safe. I do not feel I was able to assure their safety this year," Brudy said. 

Parents and teachers took their turn at the stand to share the horrors they had seen inside school walls.

"I witnessed in one day, a teacher in tears who spoke with a student who was visibly upset as he left the office because he was punched in the face by another student in the lounge," said a staff member. "I saw one of our behavior students walking down the hall having words, and you can imagine what the words are."

Another middle school staff member shared his recent experience working inside the school.

"I have personally been told, 'I'm gonna punch you in the face' by a student when I stood up for him," the staff member said. "It became a problem for me and not that student. I had two beakers thrown in my classroom this year."

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