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Snow plow driver helps clear out Quad Cities businesses' parking lots

After being called in Christmas night, Josh Burkhalter drove from Wisconsin to help plow.

MOLINE, Ill. — After being called in Christmas night, snow plow and salt drivers helped clear out local business parking lots, including one specific company driver who had to make quite the commute.

The Green Thumbers, out of Davenport, got the call to action, and helped plow 45 Quad City business parking lots on Monday. We spoke with the company's Store Director Josh Burkhalter, and he said he had to drive 3 hours to help.

"I'm up in Wisconsin at my family Christmas," Burkhalter said. "Andy, the owner of The Green Thumbers calls me at about four saying, I don't know if you saw this, but we have some snow coming."

Then, Burkhalter along with several other snow plow drivers hit the Quad City streets. 

"We have some accounts that are zero tolerance due to safety reasons," Burkhalter said. "So, we got to make sure our commercial accounts are 100% as snow free as possible by whatever opening time they have, and then go back several times to continue to clean them out." 

"Commercial is a different world," Burkhalter said. "Safety is a key thing for the business owner, as well as us, and working around all these cars that are running around, making sure everyone's safe and try to leave the property as clean as we can."

Company drivers can sometimes be out as long as 16 hours, said Burkhalter. They also prioritize certain businesses, depending on what time they open.

"We still have a good time when it's all over," Burkhalter said.

When it's warmer outside, The Green Thumbers offer landscaping services along with a garden center and a floral department.

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