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Kewanee group raises thousands of dollars to display American flags in town

The American Flag Project raised $15,000 for materials to display the flags.

KEWANEE, Ill. — Kewanee community members displayed their patriotism by installing hundreds of  American flags throughout town Sunday, August 1.

"We absolutely love the thought of flying the American flag and showing what true America is about," said Jeanna Moore, the American Flag Project organizer.

Moore started the American Flag Project in June 2021 as a Facebook post asking if people would donate money towards materials. The first day the group raised over $2,000 and a total of $15,000 by August 2021.

"It shows people what true love of country is and what America really stands for. And I think that at this time after the COVID pandemic, we need to stand together as one," said Moore.

Outdoor service business owners donated their services and installed the flags. 

"We have probably a good ten people that come out every day that have a boom truck that are able to put themselves up in the air and help hang these flags proudly," said Moore. "These gentlemen come from several different tree services in town and snow removal companies."

Kewanee Mayor, Gary Moore, says he's proud of what the community is doing and thinks it's brought the town together.

"I cannot begin to put into words, just how proud I am of Kewanee. I was born and raised in this town. I love this community and seeing the community come together on a project like this is so important and it's so necessary," said Gary Moore.

One volunteer says he wanted to pay it forward and leave a message for his community.

"I think it looks awesome. Going up and down the street to show that we're behind the flag," said Ricky Lafollette, American Flag Project volunteer. "The flag is for the people, it's not for government, it's for our people."

Moore says leaders in other states have asked her to create an American Flag Project for their areas or to create a national organization.