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JOHN DEERE CLASSIC: It’s all in the detailing

It’s a one-man job at Deere Run that keeps Deere equipment spotless and in full display at the John Deere Classic.

SILVIS, Illinois – They brought out the heavy equipment again to the 2019 John Deere Classic.

They also brought out the guy who could be called The Detail Man.

"I really detail them."

One of the cleanest places at Deere Run may be just off the ninth fairway.

This is where Tanner Reid makes sure the Deere equipment display shines.


"I get every crack and crevice, behind the tires, you know, places where the average person is not going to look," said Tanner while giving the Deere equipment display his close attention.

But at the John Deere Classic, everything Deere-related needs to look its best.   Even though most farmers don't mind a little grime.

"It's kinda funny because tractors are supposed to be dirty. They're supposed to be caked on with mud."

But not when Tanner is on duty.

The 33 pieces of Deere equipment out on the course have already been power washed and now get the tender loving care from Tanner with his soft cloth.

"We go through 50 towels a day..."

And his spray bottle of what's called "Waterless Wash and Wax".

"Once we get all the mud off there, the heavy stuff, we're coming by with this waterless wash and wax and it cleans them up and protects them so if it does rain, before or during the classic, it just beads off real nicely."

And every piece of equipment gets the extra pampering touch: the nooks and crannies are wiped clean.

Even the farthest reaches.

And the Deere logo is made spotless.

"We really take our time..."

Reid said he's getting better at keeping the machines up to the standards set by Deere and Company.  He says last year was the first year he didn't have to re-do things so, he says, he's getting the hang of it.

They're treated the same: whether it's a small Deere E170 lawn mower or a huge 9900 Forage Harvester.

That David and Goliath comparison is not lost on Tanner and the three other employees who make up his small, four year old company: Vibrant Mobile Detail.

"I don't care if you're in Georgia or California, you think John Deere tractor, right?   So it's pretty cool that I am the one detailing these for the Classic."

Tanner, the grandson of former legendary Rock Island coach Duncan Reid, has made a name for himself in the detailing business.  He and his team works the summer months in the Quad City area, then the colder months in Georgia, where he went to college.

But at Deere Run he's leaving a mark.

Or better yet, polishing off the marks on everything that's John Deere green.

"These things really clean up nice."