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Illinois to launch electronic checks for car insurance

The state is launching a program on July 1 that will randomly check multiple times a year to see if Illinois drivers have their insurance.

Illinois will soon be launching a program to electronically check to see if drivers are insured.

In a Wednesday, June 9 press release, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White detailed plans for the program, which is set to launch on July 1.

The program, which was created to crack down on drivers going without insurance, will perform at least 2 checks per year at random times to verify whether or not a driver is insured.

The majority of drivers will not have to take any action, as the verification will be done automatically.

If the system makes an unsuccessful verification, the Secretary of State's Office will send a letter to the vehicle owner requesting proof of insurance before their vehicle registration is suspended.

Drivers who receive this letter must contact their insurance company or agent to notify them and provide a specific reference number that came with the letter.

Then, it will be the insurance agent's responsibility to confirm the driver's insurance status with the Secretary of State.

After July 1, drivers who are unable to confirm their insurance status face license plate suspension and $100 reinstatement fee. 

Vehicle owners who currently do not have insurance must purchase it to avoid the suspension.