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Illinois City first graders read 100 books in 100 places

The students have until the end of November to complete the challenge

ILLINOIS CITY, Illinois — Mrs. Amy Robinson from Illinois City Elementary School is on a mission to show her first-grade class that even during a pandemic, learning can happen anywhere if you use your imagination. That's why she's challenged her students to collectively read 100 books in 100 different places.

These first-grade sized feet are headed for an adventure on the playground, but you won't hear cheering or screaming. You'll only hear pages flipping followed by first-grade voices learning to read.

"The whole idea of this is simply to get them wanting to read and make reading exciting. I told them if we read in 100 different places as a class, we will do something special," says Mrs. Robinson.

And these learners are up for the challenge, some reading on the jungle gym, others by the slide. When you're in Mrs. Robinson's class, learning happens everywhere.

Even kids doing virtual learning are getting in on the fun. Every day her students send her videos of them reading in different places. And some are getting really creative. Mrs. Robinson has gotten videos of kids reading to chickens in a chicken coop, to cows on a farm, and even on a zipline. 

"One of the biggest challenges has been to be able to teach kids in the classroom than having to video and teach kids at home also," says Mrs. Robinson.

And even if you're feeling a little lost right now, its comforting knowing a book is a great place to get lost in.

"We are doing the best we can."