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Hope Creek Care Center SOLD

In an overwhelming decision, Rock Island County Board Members decided to sell the county-run nursing home.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — The 21 to three vote ends 181-years of county involvement in caring for the sick and aged. 

Hope Creek was sold to Infinity Health Care for $4 million.

The County Board would usually be meeting in the chambers but because of COVID-19, the meeting is being conducted via tele-conference. The hot topic being the sale of Hope Creek Care Center, a discussion that began last year.

The board went into the meeting, confident the sale would go through. Chairman Richard Brunk says the focus has always been to keep the home operating.

"Make sure the residents of the home are able to stay in their home. The jobs, the employees continue to be employed at the home and the tax payers are relieved of a responsibility," said Richard.

The center was initially listed for $19 million, that figure represents the debt the county had related to the nursing home. That price dropped to $4 million. The board say COVID-19 played a role in the drastic price drop.

"Nursing homes are a hotbed of COVID activity, so unfortunately that offer for $6 million didn't pan out."

Under the agreement, Infinity Healthcare Inc. now owns the building. The name will change slightly to Hope Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Infinity is owned by Strawberry Fields, a company that owns around 85 nursing homes. The company says it will accept Medicaid residents.

The closing date is yet to be confirmed. The union representing Hope Creek Workers has been against the sale of the home to private company. 

AFSCME Local 31 issued a statement saying it, "Remains opposed to turning over community owned asset to the private sector so they can make money off the sick and elderly."

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