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“Hillary for Prison” float in western Iowa fire department parade draws criticism

Children were encouraged to throw water balloons at a depiction of Hillary Clinton in a jail cell in an Iowa fire department parade.
Hillary For Prison 2016 Float

ARCADIA, Iowa (AP) — A western Iowa parade drew complaints from some not amused by a makeshift jail cell holding a man wearing a Hillary Clinton mask.

The Carroll Daily Times Herald reports two men built the cell on a trailer, then towed it Saturday in the parade celebrating the Arcadia Fire Department’s 100th anniversary. Inside was a man wearing an orange jail jumpsuit and Hillary Clinton mask. A sign reading “Hillary For Prison” was displayed.

Children were encouraged to throw water balloons at the cell.

Kyle Julin, of nearby Manilla, drove an ATV pulling the cell, which he and a friend built.

Some in Arcadia, a city of 500, laughed but others groaned.

Carroll County Democrats Chairman Tim Tracy called the display “sad.”

Julin says he wasn’t worried some were offended.