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Plans to demolish collapsed building confuse families of missing men

The families of Ryan Hitchcock and Branden Colvin are holding out hope for another search mission before demolition plans progress.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — The families of two men still unaccounted for after the Davenport apartment building collapse are dealing with conflicting emotions.

Family members of Ryan Hitchcock and Branden Colvin are frustrated with the investigation as they process the grief of having potentially lost a loved one.

Johnnie Woods is the aunt of Branden Colvin. On Tuesday morning, she was surrounded by community members outside the collapsed building chanting "Find them first!" and "Save Ryan, Save Branden!"

"What we're frustrated about is we've been here and seeing all these reports saying that everybody was accounted for. And we knew that his car was parked out here so we knew he was in there," Woods said.

The west side of The Davenport apartment building collapsed just before 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 28, taking down six floors of living space.

"Based on what I'm sharing, this building has had inspections. Well, why didn't they find anything wrong with it? It failed. It had to be something wrong with it," Woods said.

Ryan Hitchcock's family also wants answers, but a family member spoke at Tuesday's late morning press conference, asking protestors to let the City continue their process.

"The city does have a plan. And pushing any delays is one more day that he's under there," Amy Anderson said.

"We do not want a full-on different demolition or a full-on delay for that building to even collapse more and put more rubble on top of them, which then would make things longer and more unlikely that there's any survivors underneath of there," Anderson said.

Ryan's mom also joined the crowd near the apartment building Tuesday morning. "As far as I know, he's still under there somewhere in the rubble. But I don't know because they're not going, they're not trying to get him out."

"Ryan wouldn't want anyone else to put their lives at risk to, unfortunately, somebody who probably has not survived," Anderson said.

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