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Zoning board recommends rezoning land for Portillo’s in 5-4 vote

It was a close vote, but the city’s zoning board is recommending Portillo’s be built on 53rd Street.
Portillo’s rend 1

DAVENPORT- It was a close vote, but the city's zoning board is recommending Portillo's be built on 53rd Street.

The zoning request passed 5 to 4 with some neighbors opposing it because they are concerned about adding more traffic to that area.

The public was allowed to comment before the vote Monday, July 2, and residents still remain divided on the new restaurant.

"I would rather have a Portillo's hot dog in your back yard rather than mine," one resident told the board Monday.

"I think they've done a good job in finding the best possible location based on what their clientele wants and their clients and Portillo's needs," Christopher Glass, who helped spearhead the grassroots group "Bring Portillo's to the Quad Cities" Facebook page, said Monday at the meeting.

The project still needs approval from the city council. Portillo's is part of a larger development for the area across the street from the Costco store now under construction. That development would include two more restaurants and a retail site that has not yet been announced.

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