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WONDER WOMEN Podcast: Founder of “The Beautifull Project” Speaks the Truth All Women Need to Hear

It’s not a typo. The Beautifull Project exists to tell the real stories of real people going through real struggles.
Wonder Women Podcast Cover
EPISODE SIX: It's not a spelling error. The Beautifull Project is working to tell the real stories of real people with real struggles and its Founder, Sarah Stevens, is as real as she is beautiFULL.

Powerful Women. Powerful Positions.

WONDER WOMEN is a podcast that showcases the female movers and shakers running and leading businesses, non-profits, governments, and schools across the Quad City Area, Iowa, and Illinois.

EPISODE SIX: It’s not a typo. The Beautifull Project exists to tell the real stories of real people going through real struggles.

Its Founder, Sarah Stevens, started the storytelling collective in 2017 after making a really, really hard decision while sitting in her car holding a drug prescription in her hand.

Her story starts long before that moment, though.

In this month’s podcast episode, this “Wonder Woman” describes her battle with body image, the diet industry, and her relationship with her actual self. We talk about her previous career and experience of climbing the corporate ladder and how that process needs to change for our next generation of “Wonder Women.”

angie and sarah podcast

This is a podcast where we dig deeper, though.

We ask Sarah why she left that corporate job to later become the Executive Director of Lead(h)er, a local nonprofit that connects women with experienced leaders to fuel career and community engagement.

We talk about the importance of taking up space, using our voice, and why it’s so critical that we tell our story and our truth to one another and, most importantly, to ourselves.

That’s what’s so beautiful about The Beautifull Project.

The platform includes its own podcast for those stories and we are so excited to have Sarah on the other side of the table, telling us hers and challenging us to rethink what the “Girl Power” Movement should be now – and in the future.

Click on the link above to hear our conversation.

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