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Woman’s history month celebration shows diversity of womanhood

Performers and artists who attended the event celebrating womanhood from different generations talked about the realities and how much is often overlooked.

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Dozens of women gathered for a "Celebration of Women" at the Unitarian Church.

In front of an audience, women of different ages gave performances.  The talents ranged from dancing, singing, to poetry reading.  Other artistic expressions, such as paintings and pottery, were available for viewing.

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The president of the organization, David Stewart, said the event was a way to "come together and celebrate women in a positive, women-focused event."

Quad Cities NOW, the National Organization for Women, organized the event.  They said they wanted to reach out to different generations to keep the momentum of progress going.

"We'd like to combine their energy and our experience," said NOW member Leslie DuPree.

Performers and artists who attended the event talked about the reality of womanhood and how much is often overlooked.

"Women having at points suffered objectification and sexism probably like to be able to say we're more than that and have a range of feelings," said artist Glorie Iaccarino. "Girls are trained to be the nurturers and be nice ladies and sometimes we don't always have nice feelings. Maybe feelings of anger or fear might not be so beautiful but being human is very beautiful."

"What we're talking about is the empowering of women," said Maria Bribriesco. "My battles were not only for women's equality, but for class equality and just equality in general."

Quad Cities NOW is planning an event for 2020 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage.  If you would like to participate in a planning committee or share your ideas for an event, send an email to "quadcitiesnow@gmail.com"