Woman discovers tumor at physical therapy visit, and then beats cancer

A woman went into physical therapy with discomfort and pain near her arm. What was causing the problem was much worse than she anticipated.
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UnityPoint Health detailed a story about a woman who came in for physical therapy, but found out her problems were much, much worse.

According to the story, Karen Becker went to Community Memorial Hospital in Sumner, Iowa regarding discomfort near her armpit that she presumed was something like a punched nerve or pulled muscle. The physical therapist working with her, Justin Trainor, noticed something suspicious upon evaluation.

The care provider she was then sent to ordered a mammogram and figured out what it was. Becker had a cancerous tumor.

Over time, Becker would  go through 16 rounds of chemotherapy at Allen Hospital in Waterloo. Then, after a double mastectomy surgery, Karen Becker had successfully beaten cancer.

Becker is now cancer-free and living normally again. Dr. Wael Ghalayini, the physician who guided her through the chemotherapy runs, describes the feeling of of a patient making a full recovery from the doctor’s perspective, saying, ““That’s what really motivates us, as physicians: to hear people are getting back to their normal lives, that’s really what keeps us going – that we can make an impact on somebody’s life.”

Becker describes the ordeal’s effect on her and how it changed her perspective, saying ,”“My attitude has changed. Don’t wait if there’s pain. I know mammograms can be uncomfortable, but cancer’s way more uncomfortable. It’s so important, and I learned that the hard way.”